Miami Dolphins mourn the loss of executive Jason Jenkins

A candle's flame is extinguishedUkrainian Church
A candle's flame is extinguishedUkrainian Church /

The Miami Dolphins are mourning the loss of one of their executives, Jason Jenkins, and it is a sadness we all feel.

From Jason Taylor to Mike McDaniel, and Stephen Ross to a thousand others who were directly impacted by the life of Jason Jenkins, a sadness has enveloped South Florida. On Saturday night, we all learned of the death of Jason Jenkins. A shock to our hearts and a loss that many can’t fathom.

Jason Jenkins was the Miami Dolphins Senior Vice President of Communications. To many, that might be a title but it was so much more to the Miami Dolphins and the city and cities around Miami.

Jenkins was prominent in the community. A staple in relation to the Dolphins and South Florida. His genuine heart touched so many. He joined the Dolphins in 2009 and has been with the team since.

Jason was a friend. Not like he was a friend to Tom Garfinkel or Stephen Ross or the thousands of other people that he interacted with and would probably call a friend. But in my small world, Jenkins was that to me.

Jason was the Miami Dolphins figurehead in the Miami community. A voice of equality and a bridge to the future. His passing wasn’t embraced with a simple talk from those close to him instead, it branched to the mainstream media and beyond.

I write this and realize that I do him no justice, no favors. I can’t write what Jason meant to so many or what he meant to the Dolphins because there are no words that actually capture it. Jason was something to everyone. A guide, a mentor, a friend, an acquaintance, or a business associate but whatever he was to whomever, it was touching and personal.

I’m not a journalist. I’m a stay-at-home dad who writes about the Dolphins. And I have been fortunate. But I can’t articulate what Jason meant to those around him.

Football was fun to watch last night but it was clouded over by the shadow of his passing. Jason Tayor teared up talking about it, and Mike McDaniel teared up talking about it.  That is the impact that Jason Jenkins made on those around him.

We can feel sorry for his friends but the real prayers belong to his wife and three kids. Rest in peace Jason Jenkins and know that you had an impact on my life but that is but a sliver of what you leave behind. Tonight feels different. Our prayers are with his family. I am shocked and speechless.

Thank you for everything you did for me, this site, and other fansites. It was never underappreciated.