Is Lamar Jackson interested in the Dolphins or using them for leverage?

Lamar Jackson has been in a contract dispute with the Baltimore Ravens for months, is he shifting focus to the Miami Dolphins?

The 2019 unanimous MVP Lamar Jackson has taken to social media after contract negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens took a stall, he’s been interactive with fans about his contract situation and even mentioned the Miami Dolphins as one of his favorite teams growing up.

Does Lamar Jackson want to come to the Miami Dolphins?

Contract negotiations in the digital era are about as unorthodox as you can imagine, a player won’t simply just hold out. They can wipe out their entire social media and focus only on gaming with Faze Clan like Kyler Murray, among many other social media tricks.

Agents of players keep real business silent, rarely do you ever see a leak come out of some rumor and it ends up being true. Smoke & mirrors. 

Smoke and Mirrors or is there smoke because there’s fire?

Lamar Jackson went out and liked an edit of him in a Miami Dolphins uniform on Twitter, and both Ravens fans and Dolphins fans started going crazy.

But Lamar Jackson wasn’t only liking tweets, he was getting messy in the comments section with the fans:

Ravens fans were complaining online about how Lamar Jackson was acting, and the 2019 MVP didn’t hold back in letting this fan know how he felt.

I doubt all this noise means anything for Lamar Jackson and the Miami Dolphins:

There are two main takeaways here: As famous as these athletes may seem online they still see almost everything you type to them, and they could easily interact back but choose not to. To protect their image.

If Lamar Jackson was really in the mix with the Miami Dolphins, he wouldn’t be discussing it with random fans online for everybody to see.

In a nutshell, Lamar Jackson is only using the Dolphins fanbase as leverage for his negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens. Like I said before athletes see a lot of what fans say, and Miami Dolphins fans have been very vocal about Jackson in the past.

So Lamar knows where to throw the match to start a fire.

Because a business move like this would be insanity and require more CGI than a Michael Bay movie, but hey it’s 2022, and every day I see something more shocking than yesterday. So if I’m completely wrong I won’t be shocked either.

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