Miami Dolphins begin filling out practice squad after waiver claim

River Cracraft Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
River Cracraft Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins didn’t make a splash when teams were able to make waiver claims. In fact, they initially chose not to pick anyone up. Now, they are filling out their practice squad.

Miami passed on making waiver claims. They lost DT Benito Jones to the Lions but he was the only player of Miami’s releases that landed elsewhere, including Preston Williams and Lynn Bowden, Jr.

The Dolphins are now in the process of adding to their practice squad but they do not seem to be in a hurry to fill it out immediately.

So far, the team has yet to officially announce any signings and their team roster page does not show members of the practice squad at the time of this writing. Through social media, however, we are getting our first glimpse of what the team’s PS will look like.

  • WR Braylon Sanders
  • DT Ben Stille
  • RB ZaQuandre White
  • OT Larnel Coleman
  • OLB Cameron Goode
  • DE Porter Gustin
  • WR River Cracraft
  • DB Verone McKinley
  • CB Kalon Barnes

Of the 9 players listed, only Barnes was not with the Dolphins during training camp. He was released by the Panthers.

Miami didn’t claim him off waivers because they would have had to carry him on their roster. The Dolphins now have seven more positions open on the practice squad.

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Most of the players returning are not a big surprise and should make most fans happy. Sanders has shown quite a bit during camp and is a solid future prospect. The same can be said about White and McKinley who many fans didn’t want to see released.

River Cracraft returning makes many fans happy and he could very well end up on the 53-man roster later this year.

Overall, the PS is shaping up well and there is reason to believe that some of these players could eventually be contributors to the 53 in another year or two.