Mike McDaniel drops an “F-Bomb” and it was perfectly brilliant

Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel(Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images) /

Miami Dolphins fans have wanted every coach since Dave Wannstedt to succeed and stick around but Mike McDaniel is just different.

Adam Gase was supposed to be the savior. The young buck OC with a vision for the future. Instead, he turned out to be nothing close. Brian Flores? Discipline and a proven history of winning with the Patriots. That too imploded.

Now, we have Mike McDaniel. A young coach with no on-surface ego. No pretension. He could just as easily be one of the guys in your fantasy football league or a co-worker at the bank or just about anywhere else. Instead, he is a head football coach in the NFL.

His personality draws you in and while you still might not believe he went to an Ivy League college, the reality is he is a fit, for now, in Miami. He says the right things and fans, media, and his team listen.

Behind the closed doors of the media and fans, McDaniel is like the rest of most of us and other football coaches and he swears. Today, he held a press conference with the media and dropped an F-Bomb, it was perfect and only made him more endearing to his ever-growing number of fans.

Once you get past the giggle, you can begin to think about what he said. He wants Chris Grier to know that you don’t have to draft DTs and DEs every draft. But to his credit, Grier’s last few classes have been well-balanced. This year, Grier tossed a bit allotment of picks into the Chiefs’ hands for Tyreek Hill.

No matter what they have been chatting about, the fact that McDaniel is still normal like the rest of us is simply gold and for some reason, we all like him a little bit more because of it.