Miami Dolphins: McDaniel a key to Josh Boyer’s defensive success

Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins defense is supposed to be good but it might just be great and Mike McDaniel could be the reason for Josh Boyer’s success.

Throughout the day, we tend to surf through social media channels where fans and media alike intertwine, mingle, make fun of each other, and on and on. Sometimes, you read something that stirs a thought in your head.

I agree with what A.J. said here but it also got me thinking. What truly makes a defense great? Well, you have to have the right players. You have to have a good system that the players buy into and a system that works to the strengths of its players.

You also need a good offensive system. Bad offenses make defenses look ugly even when they are far from it.

Miami Dolphins fans know this. We have seen great talent wasted on defense because the offense was simply atrocious. How many Super Bowls have Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas been to? How many playoff appearances? Think about that for a minute. The defense under Dave Wannstedt was never a problem. The offense was.

This goes both ways. Don Shula’s inability to fix Miami’s defense with Tom Olivadotti as the DC killed any shot at Marino winning multiple Super Bowls.

Most recently we have seen stellar defensive units but they are always put into bad situations. The defense makes a critical stop and the Dolphins’ offense can’t move the ball. Three and out and the defense is back on the field. Add a turnover into the picture and back out they go.

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Mike McDaniel may be helping Boyer get better in practices but the real help that McDaniel will bring is a successful offense that can consistently eat the clock, move the ball, and score points. A team playing with a lead will put far less stress on a defense trying to make a big play to get the ball back. When a team has a big lead, defenses can  have fun.

This is what McDaniel can bring to the defensive side of the ball. Put them in a position to defend a lead consistently. Put them on the sidelines where they can rest. Keep scoring points.

The Dolphins have a good defensive unit but they can be great if they have a good offensive unit. They haven’t had that in a very long time.