Hill says Mike McDaniel needs a wheelbarrow to haul is…cahones

Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel
Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel /

Tyreek Hill wasn’t about to mince words after the Dolphins’ big win on Sunday and he told the media that Mike McDaniel needed a wheelbarrow.

While the Dolphins’ defense was the star of Sunday’s 20-7 win over the Patriots, there is no question that the one offensive play that stood out, was a big reason why the Dolphins won.

Facing a 4th and 7 from the Patriots 45 yard line, McDaniel decided that it was too far for a field goal, and with only 28 seconds left in half, no reason to punt. McDaniel’s thinking? He must have trusted his defense.

The call was perfect. A quick slant to Jaylen Waddle who split defenders and was hit in stride by Tua Tagovailoa. Waddle raced the rest of the field untouched to put Miami up 14-3.

After the game, Hill answered questions from the media but it was his take on McDaniel’s decision that became the post-game buzz.

Yeah, it was a big play from McDaniels and this is the kind of aggressive play calling we should see moving forward. The play was a low-risk move. Miami’s defense was playing very well and if the play didn’t work, the Patriots would still need to put themselves in a position to make a field goal but even that wasn’t a guarantee as the Patriots struggled to get into Miami territory against the Dolphins defense.

McDaniel wasn’t afraid to take a chance and his gamble paid off. It’s a new era of football in Miami and getting the first win out of the way is a great way to set an early tone for what lies ahead.

After the game, GM Chris Grier presented McDaniel the game ball…but not be burdened with self reflection, McDaniel turned to his players and said “I’m giving all of you game balls!”.