4 things we learned after the Miami Dolphins put one on the Patriots

Kader Kohou
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After months of debating, speculating, and at times nearly ripping each other’s heads off, we finally got to see the Miami Dolphins play football. It was awesome just getting prepared for the game. I’m sure all of us have our pre-game rituals and routines that you once again fell in love with. I bet you had that great feeling go down your spine when you donned that Dolphin’s jersey for the first time.

The Miami Dolphins left week one with a victory. It was a solid win against an AFC East rival in the New England Patriots and it was the kind of win where you could clearly see who had the better team regardless of what Adam Archuleta says(we’ll get to him later don’t worry).

But let’s face it, we also were expecting more production from a certain player(more on him later as well). There was certainly a bit more meat on the bone and that’s frustrating.

But as I said, the Miami Dolphins are 1-0 and are on the road this week against Baltimore who also beat an AFC East team in the Jets. This Ravens team, I promise you, won’t be as weirdly inept as they were last year when the Miami Dolphins surprised everyone and made them look like a JV team on Thursday night football. For Miami to get to 2-0, they’re going to have to click better than they did today. I think they would tell you that.

Make no mistake, I’m thrilled and I’m in a great mood as I enter the work week. My mood will be stellar all day on Monday. But I can’t help but wonder about the future.

I’m here to share with you four things I feel we learned after week one. Oh, and I have my game notes at the end. Stick around for those and make sure you get to the BONUS page where I speak about Adam Archuleta.