4 things we learned after the Miami Dolphins put one on the Patriots

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The defense for the Miami Dolphins showed once again that it’s their team.

The Miami Dolphins have a completely revamped and upgraded offense. The makeover the offense endured was like you see on those house restoration shows where the hosts, who’ve never swung a hammer in their life, fix up a cruddy house and turn it into a palace.

The defense didn’t do many upgrades besides bringing in Melvin Ingram lll.

The biggest question mark was whether or not Josh Boyer, a Flores hire, would be able to call the defense the way it needs to be called. After one game, it appears he can do that.

It’s not bad either when your elite talent makes a play minutes into the game.

From what I’m hearing, Xavien Howard to Jevon Holland is the new Stockton to Malone. Was it pass interference by Howard tugging on Parker’s jersey? I mean, he tugged on his jersey but is that kind of tug going to keep a guy as big as DeVante Parker from jumping? Doubtful.

Throughout the rest of the game, life was tough for Mac Jones and the Patriot’s offense. They got a few nice runs off early. But as I expected, if the Miami Dolphins got a lead, then it would be extremely hard for the Patriots to move the ball when everyone knew they had to pass. The undynamic duo of Matt Patricia and Joe Judge don’t have that club in the bag and they never will.

Do you know who else knows this team belongs to the defense? Mike McDaniel.

He knows where this team’s bread is buttered. He knows this team goes how the defense goes. It’s unfair that in an offensive league that the defense is relied on to carry the team. It’s going to catch up with them real soon if the other side of the ball doesn’t do their part. I think we all know that.

But yesterday, the defense as a whole did a great job keeping the Patriots in front of them, wrapping up for the most part, and making life miserable for Mac Jones. They brought pressure like I said they needed to do and it worked.

Some unheralded guys like Kader Kahou and not-so-unheralded guys like Brandon Jones had huge games. That can happen when you play alongside other fantastic players.