4 things we learned after the Miami Dolphins put one on the Patriots

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In his first game as the head ball coach. Mike McDaniel patted Bill Belichick on the head and said thanks for playing.

This guy Mike McDaniel didn’t stumble at all. He had his game plan and he executed it pretty much exactly like I thought he would. The defense gave him the lead and he handled it well.

I enjoyed the call to hand it off to Alec Ingold on 3rd and short early in the game. I liked how he used motion all over the place and he did what he could to protect Tua from himself. I like the reverses to Hill and Waddle. I may not need many more deep shots to Alec Ingoldone on 3rd and one but I understand the argument for it.

Obviously, he wants to run the ball better than the Dolphins did. That needs to get coached up and I think it will.

Involving Chase Edmonds in the passing game is also smart. Get him in space and let him do his thing.

The biggest flex that McDaniel had was the 4th and 7 at the Patriot 43 with 25 seconds left in the half. I was fine with punting because I didn’t want to give the Patriots any form of momentum heading into halftime. Then Miami comes to run a play and still thought they were just going to take a delay of game to give Thomas Morstead more room.

But that isn’t what happened. We know what happened and here it is.

It was a tight window throw and Tua laid it in perfectly. Jaylen Waddle did the rest. That’s what this offense can do when you get these guys the ball. One mistake by the defense and it very easily can be a house call.

The best hype man in all of football said it eloquently when describing Mike McDaniel.

Belichick had nothing in terms of a good roster and Mike McD just leaned on him. I’m for that. I’d like a better offensive production especially when there are more plays to be made but I’ll take a win anytime. Congrats to Mike McDaniel for being undefeated in his career.