4 things we learned after the Miami Dolphins put one on the Patriots

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This portion of this wonderful Miami Dolphin article contains my notes. I saw and wrote down these notes and I really think you should see them. I take stupendous notes.

Early on, the Miami Dolphins were not bringing pressure and Mac Jones had all day to throw. Even he can find someone if you give him an hour to sit back there. Eventually, that changed.

Alec Ingold with the first catch of the 2022 season. Didn’t see that coming. Ingold also had a nice block that led to a seven-yard run. I like Ingold a lot. I feel he is going to make a lot of little plays that will turn into big plays.

4th and 1 and Tua gets them to jump offsides. Major yikes for a Bill Belichick-coached team.

Only four penalties for 20 yards for the Dolphins. That gift pass interference late in the game was exactly that, a gift.

Tua fumbles on a 3rd down. I would like it if stopped fumbling. To be fair, Connor Williams completely whiffed on his block and the guy got in without being touched.

Jason Sanders is 100% embracing the Mr. Perfect lifestyle. Now that he has a real punter in there doing the holding, he is primed for an all-pro caliber year.

Emmanuel Ogbah with maybe the easiest sack of his life.

Naturally, a big part of the offense is getting the ball to Tyreek Hill. You could say the entire offense goes through him and you wouldn’t be wrong. Eight catches for 94 yards is a solid start. He is truly a different breed of human out there.

Waddle and Gesicki were invisible in the first half. Waddle eventually had the huge play and an overall fine game. Mike Gesicki had one catch for three yards. You better believe Chris Grier is shopping Gesicki.

We haven’t talked about the other biggest play in the game yet.

The heat-seeking missile that is Brandon Jones did it again. He damn near may be the guy who broke Mac Jones’ back with that hit. And then, Johnny on the spot Melvin Ingram lll casually picked up the ball with one hand as if he knew it was going to be in that exact spot.

Brandon Jones had a fantastic game.

Brandon Jones does not want to be overshadowed by Jevon Holland. Love it.

Melvin Ingram lll also played very well. Besides the score, I thought he sealed the edge well and didn’t let ball carries outside of him.

OH IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME, IT’S TIME IT’S KADER TIME. Kade Kahou had an excellent game. He had a PBU and TFL. But we all know what the most meaningful full play was.

That was an old-school hit that caused the fumble. Randy Moss would love to say “Jacked Up” after seeing that. It be great if Kader is a real player because this secondary needs more guys like him.

Jaelan Phillips got handled by Trent Brown all day. The whole day Phillips was stonewalled.

Credit to the Patriots for taking away all the bootlegs the Miami Dolphins tried. They stayed home on the back end, fencing beautifully. That discipline took away a lot of would-be chunk plays.

I thought the Miami Dolphins would run more screens. I was wrong.

Hey Cedrick Wilson, maybe try not tight rope the sideline on every catch.

My guy Thomas Morstead had a great day punting. He consistently pinned them inside the 20 and had that one where he bombed it and Bethler made the quick tackle. More of that, please.

Not the homecoming DeVante Parker was looking for. Naw, Xavien Howard made sure he wasn’t going to do anything. Not only that but Tyreek Hill looks like the better jump-ball receiver.

Gotta say, I didn’t expect to hear about Skeet Quinlan and efficient of a rusher he was. Nice.

The angle route to Chase Edmonds will be unstoppable.

The Dolphin’s offense let the Patriots hang around. As I said, that kind of performance will not beat the best the AFC has to offer. It simply won’t.

If I’m the Dolphins, I’m checking in with Dallas to see if they want Teddy Bridgewater in a trade. Dak is down again and they have nothing behind him. Trade Teddy, elevate Skylar, and make Tua hold him off. That’s what i would do.

Great moment here from Mike McDaniel and the team.