4 things we learned after the Miami Dolphins put one on the Patriots

Kader Kohou
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He’s not a journalist but man alive the amount of journalistic integrity that Adam Archuleta displayed was gross.

Exactly what is Adam Archuleta’s problem with Tua and the Miami Dolphins? This guy spent three hours performing the most extreme form of mental gymnastics defending Mac Jones and the Patriot’s every decision and criticizing everything Tua and the Miami Dolphins did. Mind you, the Dolphins were never trailing in the game which is to say that the Patriots were never winning.

The amount of times he mentioned that Xavien Howard got away with pass interference on Parker in the 1st quarter is concerning. I’m concerned because I think he’s mentioned it no less than 10 times today to anyone who came in contact with him. We get it, you think it should have been called.

There were several examples of Archuleta’s buffoonery. There was when Tua had an untouched rusher coming right at him and he got the ball out a little too slow to Archuleta’s liking. But then when Brandon Jones crushed Mac that caused the scoop and score, there was nothing said about how Mac needed to get the ball out at all.

The Dolphins only had two drives of offense so far and were just starting their 3rd drive. Archhuleta said, “the offense has been stagnant so far today. The score was 3-0 Miami.

Mac Jones, consistently, missed throws and showed every bit of a weak arm as Tua did. Archuleta went out of his to praise him and justify everything Mac did.

Archuleta also thought he could be Tony Romo and predict the play before it happened. The current count was Archuleta was 0-3,487 on predictions.

I don’t know if Adam Archuleta had money on New England but it was terrible to have to listen too.

Are there valid things you can say about the Miami Dolphins and Tua? Absolutely. Just make sure you say the same stuff about the other team.

This is how it usually goes with James Lofton and Dan Foutz. But I don’t remember it being as bad as this. It truly was amazing and eventually I sort of respected how willing he was to die on the hill that was Mac Jones and the Patriots. Can’t wait to have him call another game.

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