Miami Dolphins: Offensive grades for Week 1 game vs. Patriots

Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins
Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins /
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What was your take on Sunday’s game? Here are the Week 1 grades for each positional unit on the Miami Dolphins offense.

The Miami Dolphins began the 2022 NFL season with a victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday, nabbing an early win in a game they had to have. There were some bright spots in an overall underwhelming offensive performance, but there were plenty of small issues that the coaching staff will have to pore over during the coming week.

The offense that was supposed to be innovative and high-powered simply wasn’t, but there are no need for overreactions. It was Mike McDaniel’s first game as an NFL head coach, and there are bumps and bruises to endure and kinks to work out. Based on his post game comments, he seems confident that they’ll fix their issues and be an even better team next week.

So how did each position group fare? Here are the Week 1 grades for the Miami Dolphins offense:

Miami Dolphins
Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins /

Quarterback: B-

Let the season-long dissection begin. The much-talked about Tua Tagovailoa had what we can describe as a solid performance on Sunday.

While we can hope they’ll be more robust in the future, his numbers were acceptable for winning football. He threw for 270 yards and completed 70 percent of his passes, and added a touchdown without throwing an interception. But if you watched the game, he didn’t exactly pass the eye test.

His decisions left us scratching our heads on multiple occasions, and he narrowly avoided turnovers as well. One of Tyreek Hill’s catches was one that he snagged from the grasp of a Patriots defender, and another one of Tua’s ducks should have resulted in a late-game interception.

In a game that we were all excited about in order to finally get some answers about what Tua can do for this offense, we are left with perhaps even more questions than we had originally. We’ll have to wait another week, which doesn’t seem bad considering we’ve waited for over two years already.