Miami Dolphins: Offensive grades for Week 1 game vs. Patriots

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Miami Dolphins Offensive Grades

Overall offense: C+

If this were practically any other Miami Dolphins season, we would call the Week 1 game against the Patriots a well-played, mistake-free offensive showing from Tua Tagovailoa and company.

But given the circumstances and the players that Miami has in place at the skill positions, we are left wanting more after Sunday. How could that be? The new offensive guru coach is in place, they have a collection of the fastest players in the league on the field at one time, and they were playing in front of their home crowd after an off-season of intense anticipation.

And yet, the offense produced just one touchdown and a total of 13 points. The numbers weren’t terrible, and we saw bits and pieces of potential for what this attack could ultimately look like, but you don’t acquire Tyreek Hill to pair with Jaylen Waddle and come out with just one trip in to the end zone. Granted, the Dolphins played with a two or three-score lead throughout the entire second half of the game, meaning that they didn’t have to necessarily push the ball downfield and were instead playing to limit mistakes, which they did.

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Whichever way you slice it (and it is being sliced in plenty of different ways), the Miami Dolphins are 1-0. They picked up a crucial Week 1 victory against a hated divisional opponent, under a first-time head coach, didn’t turn the ball over, and had three takeaways themselves.

We are left with wanting more after the expectations, but things could be a lot worse than being tied for first place in the division.