5 key players to a Miami Dolphins victory over Baltimore

Fans Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)
Fans Miami Dolphins (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images) /
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Jevon Holland needs to be a disruptive force on the Miami Dolphins defense.

Watching Jevon Holland play is pure joy. The 2nd-year safety is a hard-hitting machine who disguises his coverage like a 10-year veteran. He can blitz, cover, and is perfectly suited to stopping the run.

Today, he needs to be disruptive at the point of attack. If it is passing coverage, he needs to make the plays that will jar the ball loose and if it is blitz packages, something he will share with Brandon Jones, containment of Lamar Jackson will be important.

The most important job today for both Holland and Jones is to keep Jackson from having running lanes and to hit him when he does. It’s hard to know exactly where Josh Boyer will have them playing but they have to be aware and reactive when Jackson gets flushed from the pocket, something he should experience throughout the day.

Last year Holland made a big impact in his rookie season and against the Ravens, he made sure that anyone that came by him, paid for him. He will need to do the same today.