3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins incredible comeback at Ravens

Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /

The amount of critics that wrote off Tua Tagovailoa that are not struggling to explain what happened is awesome. Tua deserves all the praise.

Again, I was one of them that sort of washed my hands of Tua Tagovailoa at halftime. The NFL Sunday Ticket app nonsense was crushing my spirit and Tua threw two bad INTs. He did. They weren’t good throws.

It was an all-around awful feeling we all had over us as the Ravens appeared to do what the Ravens always do to the Miami Dolphins when they play in Baltimore and that is score at will as if the defense isn’t out there.

But then Tua decided that he was going to step up his game and play a little bit differently than he was playing. Tua started doing the thing that many of us thought he wouldn’t do and that was let the ball fly. Tua’s biggest knock was that he wouldn’t let it rip downfield. Well, down 21 in the 4th forces you to have put the ball downfield and Tua did that in spades.

It started with the TD to River Cracraft who made a great adjustment on a route that ended and he just went back to find Tua.

Then, around the 50-yard line, Tua let one fly to Tyreek Hill who scorched past Marcus Peters and Kyle Hamilton. He made Hamilton look like me out there, which isn’t what you want to look like if you’re an NFL player.

Okay, nice play. Tua finally threw one deep. But the defense needs to get a stop and they’ve been suspect all day.

Well, they got a stop and the Tua got the ball back. He didn’t waste any time going back to the Cheetah.

Major broken coverage by the Ravens here who looked thoroughly out of gas trying to keep up with Hill and Waddle all day.

Tie game, and somehow the Miami Dolphins get the ball with like 2 minutes left.

After a delicious draw play to Chase Edmonds, Tua has it at the eight-yard line ready to go for the kill. He did exactly that.

Perfect placement on a ball Tua had to step up in the pocket to deliver.

That’s another thing Tua did that he typically doesn’t do; he stepped up in the pocket, spun out of the pocket, and threw the ball with guys in his face. Tua made plays when things weren’t perfect, which was one of my biggest knocks on him. That’s what quarterbacking is in 2022. Tua nailed it all second half and it was so much fun being wrong about him. If you think I’m upset because I was wrong about a football pick? You couldn’t be more wrong. I love that I was wrong.

You’re going to hear some of this today. That’s fine if Keyshawn wants to say it was more about the Ravens being dumb than Tua playing great. Little news flash, in order to score 28 points in a quarter the other team needs to be really dumb.

Tua needs to play with this kind of confidence every game. He needs to let his super-fast players do their thing. He needs to be an athlete out there on occasion and create plays when they aren’t there. If he does that then he will be the guy.

This is excellent stuff from Mike McDaniel and what he said to Tua after the game. Read the whole thread.