3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins incredible comeback at Ravens

Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports
Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports /
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This portion of this wonderful Miami Dolphin article contains my notes. I saw and wrote down these notes and I really think you should see them. I take stupendous notes.

I missed some plays here and there because the NFL Sunday Ticket app was turning on me as if I did something horrible to it. It wasn’t just me. Apparently, if you were using the NFL Sunday Ticket app, you were getting hosed all day. You have one job NFL Sunday Ticket app and you only have one day to do it. Figure it out.

Not a great start giving up the opening kickoff. Not great at all. It looked like Jevon Holland got sucked inside a bit too much and gave up the outside. Not a hard one to clean up but one that certainly needs to get cleaned up. I expect that it will.

I didn’t expect Raheem Mostert to be starting over Chase Edmonds. I thought Edmonds was the starter but here we are. Mostert had a decent day going for 51 yards on 11 carries, which is good for 4.6 yards per rush. Obviously, with the game going the way it did, running the ball wasn’t much of an option. Mostert added 28 yards on three catches. A solid day indeed.

Though Chase Edmonds was the second back, he added potentially the sneaky biggest play of the game with that 25-yard run on the last drive. Way to be ready to make an impact. He completely screwed me in fantasy football yesterday and probably will the rest of the year, but keep making plays like that and it’s all gravy.

Speaking of running backs, Kenyon Drake revenge game? Not exactly.

Mark Andrews with a gift of a drop early in the game.

3rd and 7 for the Ravens, Miami brings the house and Lamar casually hits Bateman for 17 yards. I understand you’re on an island in the cover-0 but do you have to play 100 yards off the receivers, especially on 3rd and 7?

Nice play by the Ravens sneaking it with Mark Andrews on 4th and short.

Copy cat league because the Miami Dolphins did the same thing with Alec Ingold later in the first half.

Alec Ingold, he’s an unsung hero of the game. he picked up block after block. Watch this play right here and tell me you don’t feel all tingly about Ingold. There’s bringing your feet and then there is bringing your entire family with you on a block.

8 penalties for 51 yards wasn’t fun. A few of them were highly suspect on the defense. It makes it even worse when the Ravens only had 1 penalty for 5 yards. That’s not a great look for the refs.

Not sure about you, but that iPhone commercial with the “what’s the groove” beat and song is in my head and it’s not bad. I’m not saying that I’m vibing in my basement as if I’m at the club but I’m also not not saying that either.

Ist and 5, you just stuffed the Ravens on that 4th down where they fumbled and you run a toss to the short side of the field. It went for a 3-yard loss. I really hated that call.

But hey the next play, Tua throws a ball over the middle to Jaylen Waddle and he took it for 58 yards.

Jaylen Waddle had himself a game. 11 catches for 171 and two scores the second one being the winning score. Waddle with Tyreek Hill on the other side of the field or where he’s in the slot can dominate this league. I’m not exaggerating. If they stay healthy and Tua stays confident and lets it rip, they can dominate the league in a way that’s really never been seen before.

Tyreek Hill, who was having cramps, is a killer on the field. I wrote months ago about how him coming to Miami and the way he carried himself with all the praise for Tua was calculated because if he ends up being right, he looks like the smartest man in the world. So far, he looks smart.

The offensive line gets an A- for the day. They blocked for Tua beautifully against a talented and aggressive front for the Ravens. The run game was decent as well but the game turned out the way it did so run-blocking wasn’t in the cards for half the game. They came together well even without Austin Jackson. This unit needs to keep gelling like they are. Next up, potentially the toughest defensive front in all of football in the Bills. They’re aggressive, they have speed, they have brute strength, and they have depth.

Hell of a toss and hell of a catch by Mike Gesicki.

The ensuing Griddy dance really nailed it. Mike Gesicki is all of us who have incredible rhythm on the  ̶b̶a̶s̶e̶m̶e̶n̶t̶ dance floor.

What a difference a week makes with the quality of the announce crew? Trent Green was solid and not biased. And Kevin Harlan, sign me up for him every week. His voice and enthusiasm for big plays make everything sound epic. More of that, please.

You’re going to see a lot of folks praising Mike McDaniel and his offense and they should. That’s great because as Miami gets love McDaniel can go in and tweak the offense and zag a bit more. Just when you think you have the answers, Mike McDaniel should be trying to change the questions, just a little bit.

This is cool.

There needs to be a Tua and McDaniel wheelbarrow shirt and there needs to be one this very second. If there isn’t then the world has a serious problem.

Great line from Mike McDaniel. He might be a sorcerer who can see into the future.

This makes me very happy.

This is much better. I need to go see a game at Slattery’s.

These stats are really something else.

The Miami Dolphins are a little ahead of schedule right now. Works for me. Major test on Sunday with the Buffalo Bills. We know what they’ve done to the Dolphins since Josh Allen got to Buffalo. Miami needs to keep its foot on the gas, offensively. Maybe this team’s identity on offense is going downfield,d How ironic would that be?

Let’s just enjoy this for a little bit. One of the coolest games I’ve ever witnessed. Not sure if it’s better than the Miami Miracle but I think it might be. Let’s keep it going.

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