Miami Dolphins win but still can’t get respect from the media

Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Tua Tagovailoa (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins completed a historic comeback on Sunday against the Ravens but if you listen to some in the media, it wasn’t so much Miami’s comeback as it was the Ravens’ meltdown.

Listening to the Monday morning talking heads on some stations, you would think the Ravens completely blew the game, which they did, but you would also think the Dolphins did nothing to take control of the game.

Some are pointing out that had it not been for a few bad plays by the Ravens’ defense, Miami would never have gotten back in the game, let alone win it, but what they fail to say is that had it not been a few bad plays from the Dolphins defense, namely two deep passes and a Lamar Jackson run, or an opening kick off return for a TD, the game would have different as well.

As I learned on Sunday, you can’t count out the Miami Dolphins. My halftime article had a shelf life of about 30 minutes in real-time before Miami’s comeback began. I was eating quite a bit of “raven” after the victory.

I get it, Miami didn’t play good football in the first half, and given the Ravens’ history against the Dolphins, there was little reason to have faith in a team that traditionally played horrible football at M&T Stadium. That changed on Sunday.

I ate the “crap-burger” and dealt with the name-calling from all of the comments on the article and on Facebook but at least I own it. The media? I’m not sure what they are thinking this morning.

On social media, specifically Twitter, Tua is still being graded by non-Dolphins fans. Many are saying he was carried by Waddle and Hill and that he brought the team back against a very bad Ravens defense.

Keyshawn Johnson believes this was more about the Ravens defense than Miami and Tua.

Not everyone sees things this way and on Good Morning Football, they continued their show of support for Tua and the Dolphins. Consistent throughout the off-season.

The Dolphins will have another big test next Sunday with the Bills coming to town. Josh Allen has owned the Dolphins and it was the Bills who took Tua out a year ago with fractured ribs. There is no love lost between these teams. If the Bills win, it will simply be a matter of proving the doubters right but if Miami pulls off what will be an upset, it will be interesting to hear why the win is the fault of the Bills and not the play of the Dolphins.

Is Tua the future for the Miami Dolphins? There are 15 more games to go before we know but his poise on Sunday sure gives the impression he is ready to take that mantle.