3 ways Mike McDaniel and his big brain have been on full display

Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports
Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Jim Rassol-USA TODAY Sports /
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Mike McDaniel
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We knew Mike McDaniel was a mad scientist in the play-design laboratory, but those stories of him being a mad scientist, if anything, has been watered down.

Remember all the way back to last year when we were forced to watch the slowest, most non-unique offense that was being led by the undynamic duo or maybe the lackluster trio of coordinators the Miami Dolphins had? We had to watch just a complete anti-creative offense try and get to 17 points and it made us all sad.

Well, old Mike McD is the exact opposite of that. I bet when he went back and watched last year’s offense he had a garbage can next to him so that he could vomit into it after every series.

Here are some great stats and themes of Mike McDaniel’s offensive philosophy.

I think most of us knew that the new look Miami Dolphin offense was going to utilize motion but I didn’t think they’d be #1 in it after week two. I’m glad they are because the motion does wonders for a quarterback with Tua Tagovailoa’s skill set and when you add the two fastest receivers in the NFL well then it might be Katy bar the door on any play.

We saw the unique running plays in San Franciso and I think that will come. But McDaniel knows where this team will actually succeed and that’s through the passing game. There’s simply too much talent in the receiving room not to throw it a bit more often and yes I understand that the Ravens game dictated a bunch of the throwing.

But the design that Mike McDaniel is using to allow his incredibly talented and fast receivers has been wonderful to watch. Take this play and really listen to what Dan Orlovsky is saying.

We all know Jaylen Waddle, in the slot, has a high chance of getting the ball. But using the proper personnel and making the Ravens put a linebacker over Waddle is where McDaniel’s big brain comes in. That’s the mad scientist-in-the-lab type of stuff that we crave. We’re getting that and it’s only been two weeks. There’s much more to come.