5 things that can help the Miami Dolphins beat Buffalo on Sunday

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The Miami Dolphins have to get pressure on Josh Allen and at the same time contain him.

Emmanuel Ogbah has one sack so far this season. Jaelan Phillips doesn’t have a single one. Both have been held at bay, for the most part, this season and that needs to change this week. Phillips’ dominating rookie season has so far not been repeated. He has come close a couple of times but overall, he hasn’t had the impact many thought they would see early.

To be fair, the Ravens’ tackles are pretty good and the Patriots’ game planned for his athleticism. On Sunday, the Bills will likely look for quick slant routes to compensate for Miami’s speed off the edge.

In addition to getting pressure, the more important task is to do so while keeping Josh Allen contained. Allen is quick to move out of the pocket and will take advantage of open space. He is a big quarterback who can also run. He isn’t afraid to use his body like a running back.

Sacking Allen will not be easy. He has been sacked three times this year and has been forced into two interceptions but he quickly overcomes those mistakes. Miami must make sure that the pressure continues for four quarters.

Getting to Allen will force him into making plays that he doesn’t want to make and Ogbah and Phillips can dictate the game early from the outside. If they do, the Dolphins will have a good shot at this game.