5 things that can help the Miami Dolphins beat Buffalo on Sunday

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Miami Dolphins need their coaching staff to put together an incredible game plan to beat the Bills.

If the Dolphins are to beat the Bills on Sunday, the game plan has to be near perfect. Whatever trick plays Mike McDaniel has up his sleeve, he will need to bring it out on Sunday. The same can be said for Josh Boyer. His zero-cover scheme worked against the Ravens but the Bills’ offense if far more loaded and Josh Allen is tough as nails.

Boyer will be a big factor in this game. The Dolphins have not won in seven tries against the Bills and as a defensive coordinator, Boyer’s defenses have given up 26, 35, 56, and 31 over the last four years. He needs to come up with an answer to stop the Bills and take pressure off the offense.

For Mike McDaniel, we saw a lot more of his playbook last weekend. Rich Eisen said during his show earlier this week that it looked as though McDaniel had a “200 play, playbook” and it did. McDaniel will need to take advantage of an incredible pass rush, linebackers that rarely make mistakes, and more importantly, he needs to do this with an offensive line that isn’t anywhere near as good as the Bills’ defensive front.

Keeping Tua upright will take a creative game plan from McDaniel and there is something that tells me the boy genius probably has the ability to do it. Can the Dolphins offense execute it, is the question.

This week’s game could be a lot of fun and win or lose, the Dolphins will remain above .500. Miami fans can stomach a loss if the Dolphins play tough, keep it close, and compete. Something they haven’t done over the last three and a half seasons.

Fans have said this season feels different and it has so far. Hopefully, the Dolphins will have the right game plan in place and if these five things are accomplished, the Dolphins chances will be much higher. It should be a good game to watch and if nothing else, will give Miami a very good idea of where they are at in the NFL.