Where did the Miami Dolphins find their energy in the 4th?

Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins won today and fans are still riding the cresting wave of a 3-0 start but how did the Dolphins defense find the will to win it?

The Dolphins’ defense should have been worn out. They should have been exhausted. They should have, they shouldn’t have had anything left in their tank.

South Florida heat is no joke and while the Dolphins are acclimated to it, at some point it just physically drains on you. That was evident as the Bills’ offensive lineman and even star WR Stephon Diggs couldn’t overcome it in the end. Do you know who did? The Dolphins defenders.

The first touchdown drive by the Bills lasted 5:57 seconds. It was the 8th game in a row that the Bills scored a TD on their first drive of the game.

When the Bills got the ball two series later they ate up 6:38 seconds of clock. In the 3rd quarter, the Bills drove 92 yards and took 9:22 off the clock. They settled for a field goal when the Dolphins held from their own 11-yard line.

After a missed FG, the Dolphins took the lead but on the Bills’ next drive, they went 83 yards to the Dolphins’ one-yard line and took 8:19 seconds off the clock. The drive would see the Bills players fall apart in the heat. Yet the Dolphins’ defense stood tall.

Miami didn’t melt and honestly, I don’t how they found the strength to stop the Bills on four consecutive downs from inside the 5-yard line. But they did. They owned the trench against the Bills’ beat-up offensive line.

How impressive was the defense in the 4th quarter? They were on the field for all but 4:17 of the 4th. They were on the field for all but 4 minutes of the 3rd. Yet when they needed the stop, they found a way.

Today, there is no question who the most valuable player or in this case, players, were. The Dolphins’ defense shook off the heat and brought their own and as a result, they remain 3-0.