3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins statistically weird win over Bills

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) fumbles after getting hit by Jevon Holland (8) of the Miami Dolphins during the first quarter of an NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Sept. 25, 2022.
Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) fumbles after getting hit by Jevon Holland (8) of the Miami Dolphins during the first quarter of an NFL game at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Sept. 25, 2022. /
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This portion of this wonderful Miami Dolphin article contains my notes. I saw and wrote down these notes and I really think you should see them. I take stupendous notes.

The Miami Dolphins continue being red-hot on winning the toss for the 3rd straight week.

The game is already off to a better start than last week. The Dolphins didn’t give up an opening game kickoff return.

Man alive, Xavien Howard has a hard time moving from laterally to cover crossing routes. If I know this, everyone knows this.

Jaelan Phillips once again had a day where he was pretty much invisible. He needs to develop some moves besides a bull rush. I don’t know, maybe a simple dip/lean as he’s on the outside shoulder of the tackle would work? I mean, that’s something you get taught in high school. I think he can do it.

I knew Reggie Gillium was going to make an impact. I’m glad he didn’t kill the Dolphins because he’s the exact kind of guy who can do it.

I don’t like the personal foul Howard got on dragging Diggs to the ground but I do like that they have a rivalry.

The first play for the Dolphin’s offense was a false start. Great.

Mike McDaniel will not rest until he completes a 20 yarder to Alec Ingold. I guess I have to respect it.

Chase Edmonds is the starter. Sounds good. He had solid day scoring twice. It’s hard to really evaluate the offense when they were never on the field.

Tua went 13/18 for 186. That’s really good and it shows he’s getting better and better. Usually, it takes him 22 completions to get to 186.

Speaking of Tua, I know I lost my mind when I saw him trip over himself after smacking his head of the ground. I know we all thought there was no way that he was coming back and that he would be out for the Bengals game. Happy to hear it was back injury that he first received on the failed QB sneak from the first quarter that he did, noticeably, get hurt on. Tua said he passed concussion protocol and the league is investigating it. I guess I’ll believe that he was truthful but wouldn’t they know if he was lying? Players get held out of games all the time when they hit their head so why lie about him?

Mostert had a lane on a 3rd and 2. He just didn’t burst enough to get through it and tackled for a yard. Didn’t love to see that.

Jevon Holland is beast and I love it.

The hit he made on Allen that caused the fumble which led to the Dolphin’s first score was breathtaking. I was without breath.

Good on the NFL Sunday Ticket App for not being terrible. Let’s make it two in a row next Sunday.

Was Melvin Ingram, sole purpose, being on Miami to be Johnny on the spot and pick up every fumble? No. He had two sacks yesterday and is fierce in the run-game. I loved the signing when it happened and I love it even more today.

You can clown Josh Allen today if you want but the guy is calm, cool, and collected.

The offensive line is improving and are actually looking legit. I know the running game isn’t where we want it but it give it more than three weeks. Maybe this is just going to be a passing team that opens up the running game?

Tua with an absolute seed to River Cracraft for the score. Cracraft is a terrific #4 receiver or where ever he is on the depth chart. Keep on the active 53 going forward.

Where’s Andrew Van Ginkel? Give him a go at rushing the passer. Miami can’t get pressure without bringing six. That’s a major problem.

Teddy Bridgewater, he’s probably a really nice guy and I see he wants to be a high school coach. Go right ahead.

Tua back on the field after halftime. Obviously, he has the strongest skull in the league.

Opening drive after halftime and the Dolphins punt. Haven’t been that frustrated in a while.

Justin Bethel is emerging as a solid special teams guy. Downed a punt inside the 2.

Nik Needham needs to be in control when blitzing. He left his feet and Allen easily converted a 3rd down.

Two three and outs to start the second half. I want to jump out of my skin.

Big Boy throw alert. This pass on 3rd and 22 was oozing with clutchness.

Jaylen Waddle, on a day where Tyreek Hill only had two catches, stepped up. That guy is a bonafied stud.

Players are dropping like their toys from Toy Story and a human walked in the room. The heat and sun are all over them. This has been quite the talking point from Bills’ fans. Apparently, the sun is the Dolphin’s 12th man and is very unpredictable. Their fans are actually looking to get OSHA involved.

Apparently, the heat and Sun have never been out any other time the Bills have beaten the Dolphins in Miami.

Also, bless the hearts of the engineers that made it so that the visiting team will be in the sun and the Dolphins will be in shade. Happy accident I guess.

Tua should have been picked sixed by Milano. But Allen had at least two that should have been taken to the house, One by Howard to end the half on the fake Marino spike and one by Holland.

So this play will be around for the rest of my life. Not all bad for Trent Scherfield…

How about my guy, Thomas Morstead booming one after booming one into Scherfield. That safety punt was a hidden key to the game.

Time runs out on the Bills, and the Miami Dolphins win one of the most dumbfounding wins in NFL history. They got outgained in pretty much every statistical category and they won. A win like this may never happen again.

Obviously, there’s a good amount to clean up but Miami got out the game decently in regards to injuries. I haven’t heard anything on Terron Armstead so that’s encouraging.

Real short week as the Miami Dolphins play the Bengals on Thursday night. I hope the defense rest up good because it will be another big challenge to stop that offense.

McDaniel has these guys playing out of their mind. I expect he will be able to get these guys in the proper head space.

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