Miami Dolphins: 10 observations from Week 3 win vs. Bills

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Miami Dolphins Week 3 Observations

4. Open field tackling needs help

Tackling Josh Allen is hard, and he tends to prove this most often against the Dolphins. It continued to be true on Sunday as Allen led the Bills in rushing yards, and did so both by breaking tackles and juking defenders with regularity.

But it wasn’t just Allen. Ball carriers for the Bills were slipping out of the arms of the defense all afternoon, often extending drives and keeping the Dolphins’ defense on the field. Miami was able to make some big stops in the 4th quarter to redeem themselves, but they shouldn’t have been in position to give up so many third-down conversions.

5. Dolphins still need an “Allen Spy”

He didn’t play in this game, and in fact hasn’t yet made his NFL debut, but Channing Tindall could prove to be a key piece in future matchups with Buffalo.

Tindall has the speed and chase-down ability to be a spy for mobile quarterbacks, and given the success of Josh Allen on his scrambles on Sunday, the Dolphins will likely need the rookie linebacker when these two teams meet again in December.

There were more than a few plays during the game when I found myself wishing Tindall was out there to help.