3 sneaky keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Bengals

Robert Hunt (68) (Photo Credits: Palm Beach Post)
Robert Hunt (68) (Photo Credits: Palm Beach Post) /
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Emmanuel and Jaelan Phillips need to play better and produce more.

This duo, who was expected to be big parts of an excellent defense, have been pretty invisible so far. Ogbah has the only sack between(don’t get weird) them. He also has a few more pressures. So, if you’re making a power ranking between him and Phillips it would be Ogbah one and I guess we’ll go with Phillips two.

Phillips has been a bit of a disappointment thus far. He’s playing a lot but he’s just sort of there. Dare I say, he’s being a JAG.

This isn’t good at all for a guy who had 8.5 sacks last year.

When I see Phillips out there, I see a guy bull rushing and I see a guy bull rushing. What I’m saying is that Phillips seems to be moveless besides brute strength. He needs to develop more moves with his hands and feet.

I wouldn’t hate to see the club/rip/swims or spin moves. Do something out there besides get stonewalled.

The Bengal’s offensive line, that we saw get Joe Burrowed destroyed and demolished all year last hasn’t really improved at all.

This means if there was ever a get-right game for Emmanuel Ogbah and Jaelan Phillips, this is it.