3 sneaky keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins over the Bengals

Robert Hunt (68) (Photo Credits: Palm Beach Post)
Robert Hunt (68) (Photo Credits: Palm Beach Post) /
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The #2s on defense have to be prepared not to only play but to hold their ground.

This is not me saying that because the Dolphin’s defense played 90 snaps on Sunday and that the Dolphins are on a short week on the road, that the starters for the defense get a pass for future performance against the Bengals. We’re not Bills’ fans. We don’t make excuses. Remember that.

All I’m saying is that backups on defense need to be ready when their number gets called. Yes, that’s the case no matter what game they are playing but this week especially because I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the defensive linemen get tired a little bit easier than they usually do. Not an excuse, just a potential reality.

Guys like Raekwon Davis, if healthy, Andrew Van Ginkel, Keion Crossen, and Melvin Ingram will play, regardless, of how the starters are playing. They just might be relied on a bit more than usual. I have all the confidence in the world in them to deliver the goods.

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