Miami Dolphins: Your rooting guide for Week 4’s contests

Aaron Rodgers(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Aaron Rodgers(Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /
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Don’t lose hope yet, Miami Dolphins fans. The season is long. Here is your guide on who to root for during Week 4’s action on Sunday and Monday.

The Miami Dolphins had a rough go of things during their Thursday Night game against the Bengals, and the story lines from the game have continued to rumble throughout the national media landscape during the following days.

The situation is a difficult one to stomach, both for fans of the team and for people concerned with Tua Tagovailoa in general. But luckily for Miami, they’ll have 10 days off between games in order to get players healthy and sort out the quarterback situation, which Teddy Bridgewater will likely be the head of for a week or two. They’re still 3-1 and in control in the AFC East no matter what happens to the Buffalo Bills this weekend, so there is plenty of rooting interest still to be had so early on in the season.

Here are the games that Miami Dolphins fans should be keeping an eye on during Sunday’s action and who they should root for in those contests:

NFC over AFC

Falcons over Browns

Like the rest of the divisions in the AFC, the AFC North is going to be a dog fight, and the Dolphins could realistically be battling against 3 different teams from that division for a Wild Card spot. One of them will probably be the Browns, who we’d like to see rack up as many losses in the early season before Deshaun Watson returns from his suspension during the second half of the year.