Miami Dolphins: Your rooting guide for Week 4’s contests

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Miami Dolphins rooting guide for Week 4

AFC vs. AFC: Take your pick

There is so much that can, and will, change in the playoff standings for the AFC, but it is never too early to start watching with a rooting interest, especially if your team is one of the tops in the league.

The following games will be played between AFC opponents, and you can choose who you’d like to see win based on how you think the rest of the season will play out for said team(s). I have included the team that I’ll personally be rooting for and why:

Jets vs. Steelers

Both teams are 1-2, but I feel like the Steelers will pose more of a long-term threat than the Jets. The Dolphins have the chance to take care of business against both of both Pittsburgh and New York in the coming weeks. Call me crazy, but I think I’ll be rooting for the Jets.

Ravens vs. Bills

A battle of 2-1 teams that Miami has already defeated, this will be one of the best games of the week. We should always be pulling for the team that helps our chances in the division. Go Ravens.

Chargers vs. Texans

The Texans have yet to pick up a victory, and the Chargers are a surprising 1-2. The Dolphins will play against both of these teams much further down the road, but it would probably be most beneficial to see the Texans win, sending their record to 1-2-1 while the Chargers would be sitting at 1-3.

Colts vs. Titans

The Colts are another team with a tie under their belts, and after a loss to the Jaguars and a win against the Chiefs, we have no idea what Indy is made of. They’ll take on the Titans, and it would be nice to see Tennessee fall in to an early 1-3 hole. Colts are the pick.