3 reasons to remain optimistic about the Miami Dolphins

Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /
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Miami Dolphins reasons for optimism include a bevy of QBs that the defense can pressure into mistakes.

3. Lackluster quarterbacks that they’ll play against

After their abysmal 1-7 start last season, Miami went on an impressive 7-game winning streak that many attributed to the lackluster quarterbacks that they faced during that stretch. If the Dolphins end up with a league-leading record by the time their bye week rolls around, be ready for the same kind of excuses as to why they’ll be successful.

Beginning with their next game in Week 5, they’ll take on Zach Wilson in his second game back after going 18 for 36 with a QB rating of 59 in his return against the Steelers. In Week 6, Kirk Cousins could give the Dolphins some issues, but he is a far cry from the Lamar Jacksons and Josh Allens that Miami has already played against and beaten.

Things get even lighter after that. Week 7 will likely feature Kenny Pickett across the line from the Dolphins’ defense, and then it will be Jared Goff and the Lions in Week 8. But wait, it gets better. The opposing quarterbacks for Weeks 9 and 10 are Justin Fields and Jacoby Brissett, and then Miami will have their bye. They’ll then play against Davis Mills and Jimmy Garoppolo in the two contests following the break.

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The quality of opposing quarterback play will see a sharp increase after the Dolphins make it through this particular stretch, but they’ll be able to set themselves up nicely if they can take care of business against lesser opponents.