4 weeks into 2022 and the Miami Dolphins are still atop the AFC

Miami Dolphins fans Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins fans Mandatory Credit: Rhona Wise-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins are four weeks into their 2022 campaign and find themselves at the top of the AFC with a couple of other teams.

Entering the 2022 season, had we or for that matter, you, told us that the Miami Dolphins would be at the top of the AFC, we would have laughed at you or you would have at us. But…here we are.

In the AFC East, the Dolphins lead the division thanks to the head-to-head win over the Bills. Miami’s loss on Thursday puts them both at 3-1 on the season. In the conference, the Dolphins sit above the Bills and the Chiefs who are also 3-1.

The rest of the AFC are either 2-2 or below.

It’s a far cry from what we expected to see when the season started. Most fans would have considered entering week five at 2-2 to be a blessing but Miami now faces a stretch of games that they should be able to win with or without Tua Tagovailoa.

Miami’s next six oppoenents:

  • Jets
  • Vikings
  • Steelers
  • Lions
  • Bears
  • Browns
  • Bye – Week
  • Texans

Of those teams, right now, the Lions look like the hardest team on the schedule. It’s a big if to run seven games but Miami did it last year and teams that are legitimate playoff contenders win the games they should and these seven games are ones they should win.

Miami will then travel to the west coach for both the 49ers and Chargers before heading back to Buffalo for a rematch. Those three games could be critical for the final push late in the year. Miami could, rather should, enter that stretch 10-1 if they run the next seven games.

If that happens, it sets up a showdown in the final three weeks where the Dolphins and Bills could be fighting for the AFC East crown. Miami wraps against the Packers, Patriots, and Jets, games they could be favored in.

Miami’s surprising start to the season has set them up well for success but they have to play each game like they did against the Bills and the 4th quarter of the Ravens. Fighting from start to finish and continuing it from week to week.

For now, it’s great to sit at the top but that isn’t what the Dolphins entered the season to accomplish. The next seven games could help that get closer to their goals.