The Miami Dolphins found a diamond in the rough in Kader Kohou

Kader Kohou Miami Dolphins
Kader Kohou Miami Dolphins /

Isn’t it great to read an article that has nothing to do with quarterbacks or protocols? That’s what I imagine you said to yourself before you clicked on this refreshing article. For those out there that needed a break from all that, I got you. It appears that the Miami Dolphins have found themselves a very unheralded and productive player in cornerback Kader Kohou.

Darth Kader Kohou, which is an incredible name is from the Ivory Coast. Kohou’s journey to the NFL begins like most do. His father won the lottery while in the Ivory Coast so he packed up the family and headed to America.

Kader eventually picked up football, American football, and he decided to stop playing across the pond futbol.

Kader played well in high school in Dallas and decided he was going to take his talents to Texas A&M…. Commerce and become a Lion.

He played well enough, but not well enough to get drafted. But, the Miami Dolphins and their savvy scouting department along with Chris Grier, decided to give Kader Kohou a look. I’m glad they did.

I’m glad they did because Kader Kohou has been nothing short of fantastic in the only four games the Dolphins have played.

Kader made his presence in the first game of his career, which was the first game of the season. He only played 18 snaps against the Patriots, but he made them count especially this play that sealed the game for Miami.

His snap count has gone up every game and he certainly seems like he’s not going away. He looks like a guy who is going to be getting playing time even when Byron Jones comes back. I mean, he really should be.

Here’s a crazy ranking of Kader Kohou from PFF. I know in the past that the way they come up with their ranking is nothing short of wizardry. I still believe that. I’m just saying I also watch the games and see that Kohou is doing his job, strongly. He doesn’t have any INTs, yet. But, far from a weak link out there.

I’m just saying, even if he’s not playing like the 10th best cornerback in the NFL and these numbers are the equivalent to counterfeit money, Kader Kohou is still playing like a starting cornerback which is something nobody on Earth thought would be the case.

There are things for Kader Kohou to improve on. I’ve seen him get turned around a few times in man coverage, but that’ll happen from time to time. It happens to Xavien Howard, as we’ve seen.

At the moment, we don’t know if Byron Jones is going to play on Sunday. He’s eligible to come off the IR but Mike McDaniel basically said that he isn’t sure if Jones will play or not.

Also, and this sucks a ton, Xavien Howard is dealing with a groin injury that he sort of made worse against the Bengals. I think we all can say that Howard has played not up to his standard thus far. Having him sit a week, since it’s the Jets, and yes I know they have good receivers, might be what’s best long term.

So Kader Kohou might be being asked to be a starter this week. Nik Needham has been starting opposite of Howard so far, but with the injuries that are happening, it might be Needham and Kohou as the one and two. Kind of scary, if we’re being honest.

I don’t know if Howard and Jones don’t play if Boyer would run a ton of cover-0 and bring all that pressure just because of the lack of depth in the backend. The Jets’ receiving core is no joke with Corey Davis, Garrit Wilson, Braxton Berrio, and Denzel Mims.

Dammit. I started writing a Kader Kohou praise article and it morphed into I’m starting to worry about the Jets’ offense article. That’s no way to start the day.

Well, I like Kader Kohou a lot and I think the coaching staff does as well. It’s nice when an unproven guy from absolute nowhere comes in and surprises everybody. It makes me think good things heading forward that they can draft well, overall.

Have yourself a wonderful Wednesday and try not to freak yourself out about the Miami Dolphin’s lackluster pass defense facing four very good receivers this week while Byron Jones and Xavien Howard may not play.

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