Miami Dolphins future looks incredibly bright with Mike McDaniel

Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images)
Mike McDaniel Miami Dolphins (Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins are looking good for the future. This season so far, has been almost a dream scenario, sans Tua Tagovailoa’s current situation. The reason is Mike McDaniel.

Some call him the “Mad Scientist” others “Boy Genius”. There are those that want to see more before making their thoughts known or even say, “Yes, this is the guy”. We are, after all, entering week five of the season.

McDaniel has won more games at this stage of his career than any other rookie head coach in Dolphins history. He has won more games for the Dolphins at this stage of his first season as a Dolphins head coach than any other head coach not named Jimmy Johnson.

The players love McDaniel. The fans love him. Hell, even the media love talking to him because he makes their job easier. There is no pretentiousness about him. No ego on display and he comes across at times more of a fan in awe that can’t believe he is doing this for a living.

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The cautious part of us all is that we have been through so many first-time head coaches. Tony Sparano, Joe Philbin, Adam Gase, and Brian Flores. Gase was supposed to be everything we are seeing with McDaniel but he was far from it, even in his rookie playoff season.

McDaniel has a calm energy to him that is elevating the players. They are executing his game plan seemingly without question. When they are down, he isn’t reportedly yelling but instead guiding his team towards changing their approach.

On the field, most of the players are under contract for the next few years but they are finding success with players that are not superstars. That is an indication of a very good football team in the making. When you get secondary and tertiary players playing well, your cap situation improves as well.

Yes, these Miami Dolphins are different and McDaniel has a lot to do with that. There is a long way to go before we can sit back, relax, and say this team will be perennial contenders but if we are looking toward the future, it’s looking awfully good.