For Skylar Thompson, the “Sky” could be his limit with Dolphins

Skylar Thompson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Skylar Thompson Miami Dolphins (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Seventh-round rookie Skylar Thompson showed enough in the preseason to turn heads and his making the roster was exciting. The sky for him might endless.

If you are a Miami Dolphins fan and have been one for any length of time, it has been one rocky road full of crushed dreams with a miraculous performance, here and there, acting as a cherry on top that provides just enough hope to keep you from putting your Phins jersey in the donate pile.

Sometimes it feels like a cheesy ’90s movie starring Rick Moranis, and I know the receiver could’ve caught the deep pass if it was just a roll of toilet paper. “Yeah, there goes my shot at the pros. I’m gonna have to be a senator.” ~ Rasheed “Hot Hands” Hanon (Yes, ‘Little Giants’ -1994)

There are times when we need to take a step back and realize that our Miami movie isn’t quite over yet. I am not a neurologist; I am not an ex-pro, nor did I follow in the path of some other members of my family and become sports coaches.  I am just a salty young combat vet that pays attention to the details in front of me and it is fair to say that I’m a tad bit opinionated.

It’s also fair to say that I was personally rooting for Herbert to get drafted to Miami, but I have nothing but admiration for Tua. He has talent for days, is crazy accurate, super good kid with a big heart but how many times can he get pounded to the ground by guys that have 100 pounds on him? (That’s about 45 kg for all you metric folks).

Good thing we are well equipped as far as QB depth goes, and I believe we have a, not so hidden, diamond in the ruff that may just get some time to shine in the limelight while Tua recovers from his head trauma.

We all know that Teddy can step up and perform. He has done so in the past and is one of the most solid QB2s in the league but has not looked comfortable in his limited playing time with the Dolphins.

Not a big deal, the offense was designed and schemed for Tua’s strengths during those games. Teddy hadn’t been getting reps with the starters so he may look great when he suits up against the Jets.

If he stumbles and struggles, Skylar Thompson may provide the spark that Phin-addicts have been dreaming about for decades.

Sky is one of the older rookies in the league. He has the experience, he has displayed an explosive arm, and this guy looked insanely poised for a freshly drafted rookie from the seventh round.

Thompson finished the preseason with 450 passing yards, five touchdowns, and NO interceptions. Sky completed 75 percent of passes and posted a 138.4 rating. That is great and not a big surprise.

Next. Thompson or Bridgewater? Fans are debating. dark

At Kansas State, he ranked number 2 in school history for passing efficiency and He said this during an interview with Palm Beach Post, “I believed in myself and this the whole time, you know, like, it just so happened that I threw 12 touchdowns and didn’t throw for a lot of yards in college. The biggest thing for me in college was just winning games. Whatever the coaches asked me to do.”

That is the mindset we need in there if Tua’s condition takes some time. I am very concerned for and praying for Tua during his recovery, but I want to see this team thrive through adversity and the Sky is the limit.