PSA: Don’t ever expect Terron Armstead to practice for Dolphins

Terron Armstead (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Terron Armstead (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

Since the season started a month ago, we’ve been quasi-torturing ourselves every week leading up to gameday as Miami Dolphins fans. We see the weekly injury reports on Wednesday, Thursday, etc, and the newly signed left tackle who was signed to a mega-contract, Terron Armstead, name is always on the injury report as a guy who isn’t practicing. Folks, we need to just realize that this is how it is.

Now, I’m sure there have been a few practice days during the week this year where Terron Armstead was a limited participant or even a full go. But there really haven’t been many. Today appears to be no different.

There’s nothing to worry about. We know that Terron Armstead is dealing with a toe injury. We also should know that Terron Armstead is going to be dealing with that toe injury all season. Hell, he might have it the rest of his playing days with Miami meaning he might be on the injury report for the rest of his career.

I really don’t care because that guy gets his body and mind ready to play on Sundays or whatever day they’re playing. He played last Thursday as if there isn’t anything going on and he did just fine.

Whatever Terron Armstead does at practice while he’s not on the practice field going through the game plan has been working because the Miami Dolphins offensive line has gotten better since he arrived. Sure, the running game could be better but the pass-blocking has been remarkably better than last year and it’s only been a month of these guys playing with each other.

We all knew what kind of a player we were getting when Terron Armstead signed with the Miami Dolphins. We knew we were getting one of the premier left tackles in all of football. But, we all knew that we were getting a guy that misses a few games every single season.

So far, he hasn’t missed any games(knock on all the wood) but I will not be surprised if that eventually happens. As a math guy, the math checks out. At some point, Armstead will probably miss time.

When Armstead signed with the Dolphins, we all loved it and I was no different. We knew about the potential of missing games but we didn’t care. We just wanted someone who was excellent to play on the worst unit on the team. What we didn’t really think of was the mental anguish we would be dealing with with all the practice time he would be missing it. Not saying our mental stress is that of a bomb diffuser, but it could get a bit nerve-racking seeing Armstead’ds name on the injury report every week.

I’m here to tell you to not worry about it and put your dread towards other players. Terron Armstead might be like Marshawn Lynch, who never practiced but he showed up on Sundays and did work. That’s what Terron Armstead has been doing and it’s what I expect him to keep doing.

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