5 Miami Dolphins players that have to step up against the Jets

Teddy Bridgewater Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports
Teddy Bridgewater Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports /
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Jaelan Phillips has had a quiet year so far, at least when it comes to making sacks for the Miami Dolphins.

Fans expected a lot more from Jaelan Phillips in his second year as a member of the Dolphins. In reality, he has been quite disruptive. He may not be getting the sack totals but those will come. The reality is he is getting upfield pressure and making the pocket smaller for opposing quarterbacks.

This week he won’t face a quarterback that is anywhere near as mobile as Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson and not as quick in the decision-making department as Joe Burrow.

Zach Wilson can slide around the pocket but he struggles with a tendency to get flustered and make throws off balance. Those can lead to interceptions. The Jets’ offensive line is average and Phillips, as well as Emmanuel Ogbah, should have opportunities to get into Wilson’s head.

If Phillips gets going early and often, the Jets are going to have a very long day and Wilson is going to need to protect the football. Phillips has a good chance on Sunday to determine and change how the Jets play offensively.