4 Sneaky keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins vs the New York Jets

Miami Dolphins Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /
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Teddy Bridgewater does bring one skill to the table that Tua doesn’t and that’s the long ball.

I love what Tua Tagovailoa has accomplished this year. I really do. The way he has navigated a brand-new offense as fast as had is commendable. It sucks so much that he’s out for a million reasons. Hope he gets healthy and returns when he’s ready.

That being said, he doesn’t throw the ball farther or harder than Teddy Bridgewater. The bomb Teddy 2-Gloves threw last week to Tyreek Hill is a throw Tua can’t and won’t try to make.

That ball to Hill was 61 yards in the air and it had heat on it. Tua might be able to throw it 60 if he winds up like he’s throwing in the old Pro Bowl long-distance portion of the QB challenge but it would never get there as fast as Teddy’s did.

Mike McD has to utilize this attribute that Teddy has. If he didn’t it would be a bit like Michael Jordan not sharing his Secret Stuff with the rest of the Tune Squad. If that doesn’t convince Mike McDaniel that he needs to unleash Teddy’s arm with these receivers, I don’t know what will. I imagine he would take well to that reference.

Bridgewater might even unlock something this offense hasn’t shown too much yet and that’s chunk plays off bootlegs. Now, this is largely predicated on the idea that the running game gets established for once, but if it does then those backside ends are going to have to make the decision to either chase the back or stay home with the QB. If they choose the backs then Bridgewater might deliver huge plays downfield.

By the Way- If anyone is going to the MetLife Takeover tailgate, good choice. It’s going to be a great time. I’ll see you there.