Dolphins fans are crossing fingers as Skylar Thompson Splashes into First Start

The Phins are swimming into week 6, playing at home and with Skylar Thompson at the helm in his first NFL start. He basically played the whole game, other than one snap, last week and it was clear that the whole team did not plan on that happening.


This week there is, somewhat of, a plan, and this week Miami may get a few starters back so pop a cold one, cross your fingers and enjoy the show.  I think it will be a close one.


The Vikings are sitting at 4-1 and are on a three-game winning streak. I remember, not too long ago, a hurricane hadn’t stolen my shed yet, the debris didn’t fill the streets and the dolphins were undefeated.  The Vikings beat the Bears (2-4), Saints (2-3), and Lions (1-4). All those games were won by a touchdown or less against teams with losing records.


Today the high in Minnesota is 44 degrees and only 43 on Sunday. That is borderline Winterfell in comparison to Miami’s 84-degree high during Sunday’s 1 pm EST game where the visiting teams bake in the sun.


Sky was a starting QB, punter, as well as starting kicker for his High School in Missouri. During his senior year at Fort Osage High, he tossed the ball for 2,129 yards with 26 touchdowns on only 3 interceptions


During his total collegiate career, Sky threw for a 63% completion rate with 72 touchdowns on just 9 interceptions. He can manage a game and make the right decisions to minimize his team’s mishaps. He is an athletic kid that played multiple sports and is getting a great opportunity to prove that he should be Miami’s QB2 of the future.


The season has just begun, so there is no reason for Phin fans to panic. Tua will be back and all the other starters will all be back too, eventually. I think this is the most important time for the Dolphins to play around with what they have, depth-wise. Injuries happen…a lot.


We need to know what the bench has to offer before trade deadlines. If you have a team that can call on the bench and still have stellar performances, they could win a championship. Let’s cross a few fingers and prepare to celebrate with a little faith in our Phins.