Tua Tagovailoa could return with the Miami Dolphins back in first

Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins
Tua Tagovailoa Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins /

The Miami Dolphins have been out of first place for only a week but at the end of the day, they could find themselves back at the top.

Currently, the Dolphins are tied for 2nd with the New York Jets but in reality, they are one behind the Jets given the head-to-head against the Jets. When Tua was knocked out of the Bengals game, the Dolphins were 3-0 and by themselves at the top of the division. Three days later the Bills were tied at the top.

Today, Tua may return to the NFL next week holding a tie for first place, just where Tua left off.

The Jets are on the road  this week to face the Packers and while the Jets are playing good football lately, this is a big test for the young team. The Jets are looking to keep their two game winning streak alive and keep pace in the AFC East.

The Bills, they get the Kansas City Chiefs today in a big rematch from last years divisional round of the playoffs. The Bills hold a one game lead over the Dolphins and Jets but they don’t have the tie breaker with Miami. A loss today and the Bills and Miami could be tied at the top with Miami holding a 1/2 game edge.

New England, who plays the Browns are not going to jump into first but they could very well make a move up the ladder and put themselves in a tie with the Dolphins should Miami lose.

Overall, Tua could come back next weekend to take the reigns over the AFC East again if they can win today and get back on track. If what is outline above happens, everything in the AFC East will be what it was after Cincinnati and Tua Tagovailoa will be back in charge.