Miami Dolphins: 10 observations from Sunday’s loss to Vikings

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Miami Dolphins observations for Week 6

4. Noah Igbinoghene wasn’t terrible!

One of the most disappointing Dolphins players over the last few years has been Noah Igbinoghene, who was thrust into action due to the injuries that have ravaged the secondary. But he actually held his own on Sunday against the Vikings.

He made his presence known immediately with a pass interference penalty, but settled down and had perhaps the best performance of his career. Igbo gave up catches to Adam Thielen, but also made some impressive pass break-ups in the second half when the defense needed stops the most. He even drew heavy praise from FOX’s commentating crew, who had clearly never heard of Igbinoghene before.

5. The CBS broadcast is far superior to FOX

Sunday’s game was the rare occasion when a Dolphins home game was shown on FOX, and it made us realize how good we have it with our familiar CBS guys.

Not only does the broadcast itself feel  “clunky” in comparison, but the commentator team of Kenny Albert and Jonathan Vilma was ill-prepared, awkward, and full of mistakes. Vilma couldn’t stop telling us that he was a University of Miami alum, and it was clear that he had never heard the correct pronunciation of Noah Igbinoghene’s name. Neither had Albert, apparently, who couldn’t get that name correct, or the one of Tua Tagovailoa, who has only been in the news every day for the last 2+ weeks. Their sideline reporter even called the Dolphins’ head coach “Mike McDaniels”.

I miss Kevin Harlan.