3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins taxing loss to the Vikings

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And while we’re at it, maybe just maybe Mike McDaniel needs to vary up his personal packages

Since we’re on the subject of Mike McDaniel and I’m looking to celebrate Festivus a bit early, maybe just maybe Mike McDaniel needs to switch up his personal packages so that everyone in multi-verse doesn’t know when you’re running the ball.

I noticed this a few weeks ago that it would be like hockey and the entire skill group would come out for another one. Oftentimes, it would lead to a run when Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle came out and Trent Scherfield and a tight end would come in. You know also noticed that? Everyone. Everyone is aware of it.

Jonathan Vilma noticed it as well. He said it on the broadcast and it was clear as day. Vilma couldn’t believe how obvious it was.

Look, I get it, You don’t really want Hill and Waddle blocking because it’s not really what they do. I get that Scherfield, Cracraft, and a tight end would be better. But something has to give here because you’re not surprising anybody.

Maybe throw a little more when that group is on the field? Do something a little different because it’s not hard at all for a coach up in a booth to radio down to say 10 and 17 are out.

Perhaps, Mike McDaniel is trying to run some reverse psychology out on the gridiron. Like he doesn’t think anyone would believe he would obviously run it with that personnel and that they’ll think something sneaky is happening. I mean, I know that isn’t it but I could be sold on it right about now.