3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins taxing loss to the Vikings

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Did he do it again or did Chris Grier do it again? He did it again.

What did Chris Grier do? He once again showed that he has no Earthly idea how to assemble an offensive line. Like in Moneyball when Art Howe said that first base to Scott Hatteberg was the moon, well decent offensive line depth is like the Andromeda galaxy to Chris Grier.

The worst part is we sort of knew this was the case. Sure, Grier did a nice job making us feel good about Tyreek Hill and Terron Armstead. And his draft last year was very good. But this guy has been trying to put together an offensive line like five years ago and still, he hasn’t produced anything that resembles a reliable unit.

Greg Little is awful. He can’t be the swing lineman but unfortunately, he is. Trading up for Liam Eichenberg is potentially the worst move ever. That guy is to line play like Cedric Wilson is to catching footballs. He’s a turnstile who gets run over all day long and it’s leading to our guys getting killed.

There is no good reason why Liam should be starting over Michael Dieter. Put Dieter at center and move Connor Williams to guard. Salvage this line.

Grier, who loves a good trade, should be on the phone not looking to add a running back but he should be looking to add more line and cornerback depth. Both those units were razor thin entering the season and wouldn’t you know it, they’re even worse.