3 things learned from the Miami Dolphins taxing loss to the Vikings

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This portion of this wonderful Miami Dolphin article contains my notes. I saw and wrote down these notes and I really think you should see them. I take stupendous notes.

Another game, another coin toss won by the Miami Dolphins. Currently undefeated in that department.

Getting off the field on defense to start the game. I love that. The Dolphins forced 10 punts which is unheard of. What makes it even more unheard of is that they forced 10 punts and still lost.

Can we please get Jevon Holland off of punts? I don’t think my heart and brain can handle him getting hurt on that play. He fumbled and Miami recovered. I realize the Dolphins don’t give a rip about punt returns but you’re telling me Gaskin can’t do it?

The Dolphins are like 0-1,000,000,000 on opening drive points.

Skylar Thompson balled out for the short amount of time he was in there. His stats were only 7/13 for 89 with a key rush on 3rd and 9 and that picked up the first down but the guy looked like he belonged. He wasn’t a liability in that quarter he was out there. He threw the ball into tight windows and made plays out of nothing when the pocket, naturally, collapsed in one second.

He would have had more if the single worst and most frustrating sequence of plays didn’t occur.

Just an unreal moment in my life. I wanted to jump out of my skin, put it back on, and jump out of it again in rage. The worst part was they were all good calls. Now, they were the type of calls you see all the time not get called but this is the Dolphins. They’re going to get called.

Mike McDaniel needs to get a handle on the penalties. They’re increasing every game and this team is nowhere near good enough to overcome them.

Keion Crossen with a nice tackle after a Thomas Morstead boom punt.

Hopefully, Skylar comes back this week. He had his uniform and everything on after halftime but his hand was wrapped. I liked him more than Bridgewater going into the game and that hasn’t changed.

Teddy played alright. His stats are majorly inflated due to garbage time but he played well enough to win. A lot of other factors went into the loss and he was far from the biggest one. I wish he played with a bit more fire in him. He looks like a guy who doesn’t care but I really can’t imagine that being the actual case. Still isn’t great to look when things aren’t going right.

Jaylen Waddle had his worst day as a pro and he still had 129 yards. Yes, a chunk of that was in garbage time but still. The pass before the half, which never should have happened, got to his body. He does seem to naturally catch the ball more with his body than his hands. None of us like that and hope he uses his hands more. I wouldn’t count on it because guys never change that. The fumble was something that almost never happens but it did and it happened at the worst time right when the Miami Dolphins were looking like they were gonna steal the game.

I’m not going to worry about Waddle. That guy is a bonafide stud and I hope the shoulder injury he suffered at the end is nothing major.

Four catches for 40 yards. That’s Cedric Wilson’s stats this year. He is getting out-snapped by River Cracraft and Trent Scherfield. Maybe trading him right this second for any offensive line help is what Grier should be doing. Oh, and he is also making $7M a year. Have fun with that number.

Nice to see Miek Gesicki getting involved. He had this to say after the game. Love his attitude.

Raheem Mostert wasn’t running great or anything but I still think there was room to run more in the second half and just like last week McDaniel went away from it. These play-actions aren’t going to work if they don’t run the ball more.

Jason Sanders, I feel let down. I championed you as a man embracing the Mr. Perfect lifestyle. Instead, you embraced the Brooklyn Brawler lifestyle. That 52-yarder at the end of 1st half was as big a miss as I’ve ever seen. Honestly, he can’t be trusted and another kicker needs to be brought into to compete with him right now. We can’t have games that are always close and have his guy not be able to convert on anything more than 46 yards.

Tyreek Hill is a force of nature. Every time he touches the ball he looks like he’s going to get 10 out of it and does most times. It’s why he’s the first player in NFL history to record 10+ catches with 150+ yards in three of his first six games.

I felt like the fake punt was very predictable. I don’t know what it is about fake punts but it’s something you can feel in the air.

Can we retire the group defensive celebration? It was lame and played out three years ago and it’s always the same pose.

As I said, Tua comes back this week and Terron Armstead and Austin Jackson should be back as well. The season starts this week. There are very winnable games coming up but nothing close to a sure thing. There are no sure things with this team right now.

Let’s hope some depth gets added this week and practice goes well. We need everyone to relax and not lose our minds. Everything is still in front of this team. Just have to execute and be a bit smarter.