Miami Dolphins 2023 NFL Mock Draft: Needs all around

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The Miami Dolphins are six games into the 2022 season but there are obvious needs that the Dolphins will need to address in the 2023 off-season, including the draft.

Chris Grier has his quarterback if he can stay healthy. He has quality running backs in Raheem Mostert and Chase Edmonds if the line can start blocking. There is no need for wide receivers.

Still, you look at the Dolphins roster and there are still plenty of areas that need to be addressed. Miami will not have their own first-round draft pick in 2023 thanks to Bruce Beal and Stephen Ross.

The Dolphins still have a first-round draft pick thanks to the trade with the 49ers in 2021. Thank goodness. It’s a bad year to have to lose a draft pick but there is nothing the Dolphins can do about it now. The team will pay for the owner’s mistakes.

The question that Chris Grier needs to answer is where does he fill his holes? The draft or free agency? Much of that will depend on whether or not the players he wants hit free agency so the best option is the draft where he hasn’t been exactly stellar.

Every general manager hits on players and misses on a lot more. Hopefully, the Dolphins can hit on this draft as they did in 2021, so far.

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