Miami Dolphins: Why Sunday Night Football is a must-watch this week

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Why the Miami Dolphins game on Sunday Night Football is a must-watch

4. The returns of Brian Flores and Minkah Fitzpatrick

There is a team on the other side of the field that we need to talk about as well, and there are a couple of members of the Steelers’ organization that will be making their returns to South Florida after messy exits from the Dolphins’ franchise.

Minkah Fitzpatrick was the first to go, demanding that Miami trade him in 2019, unhappy with his usage and the direction of the franchise, and Pittsburgh acquired him in exchange for a first round pick. He has been an All-Pro twice since, and is one of the best safeties in the league.

The other is Brian Flores, the former head coach who burned bridges on his way out of town and handicapped the future assets of the Dolphins. Not only were his coaching style and player relationships detrimental to the team, but the lawsuit that he filed against the franchise and its owner resulted in a loss of a first round pick in the upcoming draft.

There is plenty of bad blood to go around when it comes to Fitzpatrick and Flores, and all parties involved will be looking to get the upper hand in this contest.