Miami Dolphins ready to ride back to winning side of the column

Miami Dolphins Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins Tyreek HillMandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins will have most of their players back for Sunday Night Football and they are ready to get back into the win column.

There is a lot of football left in the season but tonight, Miami plays one of theif biggest games of the season after losing three games in a row.

The Steelers are an interesting match-up. Rookie Kenny Pickett who was in the concussion protocol has been cleared but will he actually start against Miami or will it be Mitch Trubisky?

Offensively the Steelers have a great running back, Najee Harris, but so far his season hasn’t been a statistical boon in production. Dionte Johnson may be the best receiver the Steelers have but he has suffered statistically due to the changes at quarterback.

In many ways, the Steelers are like Miami in terms of the teams direction. After decades of quarterback stability, Pittsburgh is transitioning at the position and as Miami fans know, it can at times not go as expected.

Tonight will be a good test for Miami because the Steelers are team they should be able to beat. The Steelers have beaten the Bengals in week one, but then lost to the Patriots, Browns, Jets, and Bills before pulling off a shocking victory over the Buccaneers last weekend.

Pittsburgh is riding high after that game but they will face a Dolphins team that will have their starting quarterback healthy and starting. Miami has lost all three games that Tua was not able to finish this year.

Tonight’s game will be only the 4th time since NBC took over the broadcast that the Dolphins have played on a Sunday evening.