Noah Igbinoghene elicits popular movie quote from fans

Miami Dolphins Noah Igbinoghene
Miami Dolphins Noah Igbinoghene /

For most of the night, Miami Dolphins corner Noah Igbinoghene was not having a good game but then, he had fans recalling a popular “Dumb and Dumber” quote.

Igbinoghene was targeted often throughout the game. His coverage left a lot to be desired, my own Tweet to get him out of the game wasn’t the only one expressing that idea. The Dolphins had little choice. Injuries have decimated the Dolphins’ once top secondary.

As the Steelers continued to move the ball in his direction, Miami’s 10-0 lead was cut when rookie QB Kenny Pickett, picked on Igbinoghene in the endzone. Out of position, the Steelers got a touchdown.

It became clear this was going to need fixing. The rest of the defense managed to make the stops but Igbinoghene was a liability. Then, he contorted his body, twisted in the air, and toe-tapped the endzone for the game-winning interception with seconds remaining.

In the stands, several fans started saying “And then you do something to completely redeem yourself!” It’s a quote from Dumb and Dumber but on Sunday night, it perfectly fit.

Noah’s interception was initially ruled incomplete but it didn’t take long for the referees to get it changed quickly. Miami celebrated, the defense stepped up again, and the Dolphins ended their three-game losing streak.

For Noah Igbinoghene, it was a fitting and yet unexpected way to turn a bad game into a good one. A final exclamation point that he can, at times, contribute to the team.

The Dolphins still need to get Byron Jones back on the field and it is looking more and more like that is not going to be soon. At least for one night, fans cheered Igbinoghene after booing him for much of the game.