Miami Dolphins: Got that dawg in em’ rankings week 7

Miami Dolphins Noah Igbinoghene
Miami Dolphins Noah Igbinoghene /
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The Miami Dolphins secured a victory on Sunday Night Football vs the Pittsburgh Steelers, we’re ranking the “Dawgs” who made the biggest plays in week 7.

Sunday Night Football versus the Pittsburgh Steelers was a special match circled on the calendar for the Miami Dolphins. the 50th anniversary of the perfect season celebration, Tua Tagovailoa’s return, and the Tua versus Brian Flores storyline.


Many Dolphins fans believed that the matchup versus the Steelers would be “easy” since they are pretty much rebuilding with a rookie QB, but this is the NFL and there is no such thing as an easy win.

Brian Flores’ return to the Hard Rock held more weight than most think. Flores worked with Tua Tagovailoa during the QB’s first two years, and although Tua has been reborn almost, Flores still knows a great deal of what he likes and doesn’t like in order to exploit it.

On top of that, Brian Flores also knows the Dolphins DC Josh Boyer and his defensive players like the back of his hand. So he knows where the weak spots are, (but I don’t know if he would be able to exploit them since we all know how it goes with Flores and offense).

But seriously, Flores knew the weak spots of the Dolphins, and that gave the Steelers an edge. In my opinion that is why some of the players who made the “got that dawg in em” list today mean much more.

They were supposed to be the weak links that got exploited.

Miami Dolphins: Got that dawg in em’ rankings week 7: