3 sneaky keys to victory for the Miami Dolphins vs. the Detroit Lions

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It would very easy for the Miami Dolphins to exile Chase Edmonds. Don’t.

I know, this guy has been killing the offense seemingly every week. It seems like every week Chase Edmonds is missing a hole on a key play or dropping a ball that would have easily went for a first down.

When I was in the stands and he dropped the one ball with no one in front of him that what have resulted in a first down, I also hollered, fruitlessly, for Mike McDaniel to get anyone else in there to spell Raheem Mostert.

Myles Gaskin is still on the team. I understand if you had no idea he still was. Getting Gaskin more involved isn’t the worst plan.

But, completely punting on Chase Edmonds at this point in the season would be a mistake, in my opinion and I happen to like my opinions.

Chase Edmonds is making much more money than anyone else in the Dolphin’s backfield but that’s not a great reason to keep a guy in the lineup though it is one that usually drives many personnel decisions.

The reason I want Edmonds still in the lineup and being the first guy to give relief to Mostert is who is unquestionably the team’s best running back is that if the Miami Dolphins are going to make a run, they’re going to need his services.

Unless the Dolphins are going to trade for a back by Tuesday’s deadline, it’s Mostert and Edmonds. I think there is a decent enough chance they do bring in another running back but until they do, Edmonds needs to be in the plans.

And what sucks other than Edmonds’ play, is that I love Edmonds’ game when he’s playing well. He has excellent speed in an offense that is built for speed. Until this year, the guy caught everything thrown to him. Now, the guy can’t catch a damn thing and he looks like he’s running Trent Richardson-like vision.

I’m going to go ahead with the idea and hope that Chase Edmonds here’s and sees everything being said about him and that he will use that as fuel to let everyone know that he still is a productive player in this league. I’m going to do that because the current reality of the Miami Dolphin’s running back position is a sad one. But reality is often disappointing.