Rumor: Miami Dolphins may have cost Tom Brady his marriage

om Brady . (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
om Brady . (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

The Miami Dolphins wanted Tom Brady this past off-season very badly, but not as much as they wanted him in 2019. Apparently, that might have been the tipping point for Gisele Bundchen.

According to Mike Florio of, Brady’s marriage, already on the rocks, took a swan dive when it was revealed that the Dolphins and Brady had been…flirting…unbeknownst to Bundchen.

Florio contends that this is just speculation or is it a rumor? He cites several unnamed sources from teams around the NFL.

"“There’s a theory in league circles, and I think I’m couching it properly, that the issues with Tom Brady and his wife blew up when the league announced the punishment of the Dolphins. Because of the flirtation with Brady, because she had, as the theory goes, no idea he was talking to the Dolphins.“But I’m telling you, there are people who are employed by NFL teams who think that. And when you look at the timeline, that stuff came out, and it was the next day he started missing practices,” Florio said on BarStools Pardon My Take."

Florio opened this can of worms while appearing on Pardon My Take, a Barstool Podcast.

So is there any truth to this at all? The answer really should be…does anyone care? I went back and forth about writing anything about this at all but considering the Dolphins were named, I figured it was probably something at least worth mentioning.

The personal affairs of any couple are really their own but once again, the Dolphins are being dragged into an unwarranted limelight…by Florio again no less.

I actually wonder if their marriage might have worked out had he gone to Miami in 2019. Considering that Brady will keep the house in Tampa and reside there and Gisele will take the house in Miami, maybe if he were in Miami they would have had the time to work it all out.

That falls under the “who knows” portion of all of this. 

In a way, maybe if the Dolphins were somewhat part of the problem then Brady deserves this, after all, Brady was part of this entire tampering thing as well and players don’t get punished for stuff like this. Miami did. They lost draft picks and saw their owner suspended. Brady should have been punished to some degree but divorce is a little extreme if we are being honest.

Again, in the real world, this isn’t anyone’s business but the lives of Brady and Bundchen have thrived in the limelight since they were married so naturally, a divorce, no matter how amicable, is going to be public as well.

And this is where I apologize for writing this, to begin with.