Miami Dolphins add Braylon Sanders to active roster, where is Ezukanma

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Erik Ezukanma Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports
Miami Dolphins wide receiver Erik Ezukanma Mandatory Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports /

The Miami Dolphins made two roster moves today, they elevated WR Braylon Sanders and safety Verone McKinney but what about Erik Ezukanma?

Ezukanma looked like he was the real deal in training camp. He showed good production and good hands but since the season started, the rookie has yet to appear in a single game. In fact, he has been the most common member of the inactive list.

Drafted in round four of April’s draft, the Dolphins were taking a shot on a guy that physically matched up with DeVante Parker. A big receiver with good route running skills, now he may find himself on the inactive list while another WR, Braylon Sanders, makes his way onto the game-day roster.

Earlier this year, Dolphins coaches said that Ezukanma was progressing but his progression must be taking quite a bit of time. It isn’t easy to learn the nuances of the NFL at WR and many rookies struggle early in their careers so we shouldn’t be surprised by his lack of production. The problem is there has been zero production because he can’t get into a game.

Ezukanma has a lot of potential and maybe the Dolphins are doing him right by keeping him away from the field. It isn’t like they absolutely need him. Miami is so stacked at WR that Cedrick Wilson, Jr. has become an afterthought on offense.

Fans are not too concerned about EZE’s production or lack of getting on the field but again, the Dolphins used a quality mid-round pick on a player that isn’t contributing.

Given McDaniel’s history, it is likely that Ezukanma’s sitting has more to do with him learning all the WR positions. Many believe he will eventually assume a similar role to that of Deebo Samuel in San Francisco and that takes more time to learn than lining up at one position.

While it might be frustrating for the fans and especially for Ezukanma, the reality is many young WRs have been ruined by not being ready and put into the pan too early so to speak. Time will tell but it is curious to know what might be going on behind the scenes. It might get more curious of Sanders is active on Sunday.