Enemy Reaction: Detroit Lions fans react to week 8 game vs Dolphins

Zach Sieler Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports
Zach Sieler Miami Dolphins Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports /

I sometimes find it fun to peruse social media to see how fans on the opposing side react to how the games are going. I know in my experience, when things are going well, I am on cloud nine — but if things are going poorly, I embarrass my ancestors online.

Let’s see how the Lions fans on Reddit reacted to the Dolphins game on Sunday, via r/DetroitLions:

1st quarter: Lions score on opening drive (Jamaal Williams 7-yard TD run)

u/Michipeshu comments in the game thread, “TD. Weird”. It seems the Lions fans are not very used to scoring so quickly, as the Dolphins spot them 7 early on in the first quarter.


u/blakem88 shares the same sentiment as he wonders, “What happened? He ran into the blue part of the field. Is that bad?”. No, Blake, that is very good for the Lions. Not so much for the Dolphins.

1st quarter: Lions add another touchdown to go up 14-0 (Goff to Swift 7-yard pass)

u/BlksnshN80, in shock, adds, “What team am I watching right now?”.

u/Sneakycow83 proclaims, “WHAT A FUN 7 MINUTES OF FOOTBALL”.

Feeling a bit of anxiety, u/Michipeshu comments, “Lions 14-zip in first 10 minutes. Am I ever buttered up for PAIN. How will the Refs and whatever else rip out my heart today?”. Well, Michipeshu, find out next as the Dolphins get the ball back.

1st quarter: Dolphins find the endzone to make it 7-14 (Tua to Waddle 5-yard pass)

The Lions fans are starting to get a glimpse at how fast the Dolphins receivers really are on their second offensive possession of the game:

u/RelativeMacaron1585, after watching Tyreek Hill catch balls of 24, then 36 yards, concedes, “That’s Tyreek Hill for ya”.

u/peachycloth21 adds, “The secondary may be weak (but) Tyreek is just going to do that. He’s one of the best”.

Now, Lions fans are becoming aggravated with the officials with the Dolphins seemingly getting every call:

u/Riomaggiore, after a third down stop was nullified by a defensive penalty, says, “On cue, the (expletive) refs AGAIN”.

After Tua connects with Waddle for the touchdown, u/Calkky points out, “We’re going to lose this unless we can keep scoring touchdowns every time we have the ball”.

2nd quarter: Lions respond with another touchdown to make it 21-7 (Williams 1-yard run)

u/hideeg urges the Lions to “Keep piling on boys. All gas from here on out.”.

u/thabigQ shares the same sentiment, “FOOT ON THE GAS LET’S GO”.

u/derrfurr23 gets nine upvotes on this beautiful comment, “When I go to sleep tonight I’ll be thinking of Jamaal Williams in my arms gripping me tightly.”.

We love football.

2nd quarter: Dolphins quickly get seven points back (Tua to Waddle 29-yard pass)

u/Eric-HipHopple notes that, “Tua’s deep throws feel like the ball is in the air forever and the Lions are still not anywhere near the receivers who catch it”.

u/CoreyisAFK sings some more praise for Hill as he comments, “Tyreek is probably the best wr in (the) league this year”.

The Tyreek recognition continues as u/RiskPlays adds, “No one can contain Hill, this isn’t a Lions exclusive thing. Our secondary being all 3rd stringers doesn’t help either though”.

u/JohnWad looks into his crystal ball as he predicts, “We are gonna lose this game aren’t we?”.

3rd quarter: After trading field goals, the Dolphins pull within 3 points as Alec Ingold pounds it in from one yard out

Reality is setting in for u/mdsanko as he sadly comments, “I am not sure what is more frustrating. Not having any offense or not having any defense…”.

u/OnePride tries to stay positive by pointing out, “At least we aren’t the Bears (shrug emoji)”.

u/bandyplaysreallife is not as optimistic, “This game is going to be another 48-45 loss, tyreek getting 350 yards, I can feel it in my bones”.

3rd quarter: Dolphins take the lead (Tua to Gesicki 11-yard pass)

u/Huskies971 has seen enough. “Well, time to go rake the leaves”.

u/LionsCountryLetsCry isn’t happy eiether. “This game is over. Switching to Bears vs Cowboys on FOX.”.

u/Skraxx can only muster up a “sigh”. 

u/ryancashh gives Tua some props, saying, “Fantastic throw”.

u/dougiex13 chimes in with some more Tua praise, “Tua’s touch on those intermediate routes is insane.”.

Final: Dolphins win 31-27

Here are some departing words from our friends in Detroit:

u/Omen_Skip: “I mean, are we really surprised?”

u/Omgaspider: “Don’t ever change Lions”

u/Caphin: “Don’t know why Tua gets hate from the media”

u/trashman905 “You can’t kill me, I’m already dead”

One now-deleted user finally proclaims, “(bleep) this.”